Our Journey


a humble begining

In the year 2005, Abinesh along with his few friends started Beno Group. It was a modest start in an apartment with 5 team members which after few months scaled rapidly. 


first success

Moved to a rented office


doubling down

Perhaps the defining moment of 2010 was when we thought of hiring specialised talent, the first bunch of people came in quickly but it took time to cross the 200 employees mark. This was a big change and the success of Beno Group to achieve a milestone.

Together, all of us worked very hard and everybody’s contribution was remarkable, but it became clear we needed more help, and fast.


another feather in the hat

It was the perfect time to explore the untravelled territories and thus venture into other business verticals. The decision was thoughtful and this gave birth to Beno Language -Localization and Translation arm of Beno Group.

This business verticle currently has more than 100 team members and currently serves domestic and international clients



It was a dream come true for all at Beno group when we moved into Our New Den. Beno Group had Purchased and moved into a multi-storey office building with state-of-the-art facilities which included high end technical infrastructure, cafeteria, recreation and play area for all.


exploring new territories

This was the year that was pivotal in changing things at Beno Group. Amidst all the chaos, the most important decision of starting the Information Technology arm of the group was successful. Beno Software today makes software for global giants and has physical presence in 3 international locations – India, USA  & Dubai


top of the world

This year we reached 600 employees. We grew our team substantially and focused on improving our internal workflows to increase efficiency and provide even more amazing value to our customers.


for the society

We had always thought of doing something for society in our own small way. We Started Aarohan NGO to help underprivileged section of the society in areas of skill development, preventive health care and hygiene. 


Go global

Beno Group started its operations in USA and UK. This was much needed to support our expansion plans. This additionally boosted our sales plan and figures. We currently have physical offices and team at these locations.

Technology . Service . Support .

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